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Building sustained brand equity in all our key product categories.

Brand trust is an essential element of every successful product sale.
Alltrade has created and built sustained brand equity in all our key product categories. 

This multi-decade marketing investment pays off during purchase consideration decisions.

The results speak for themselves – Alltrade company-owned brands consistently receive top scores from consumer surveys on key indicators such as performance, quality, trust and value.



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Powerbuilt® Tools & Equipment 

Powerbuilt offers best in class tools and equipment that deliver power, precision and style to automotive professionals and enthusiasts.

Powerbuilt products are designed and built to withstand daily use in the toughest work environments.

Millions of Powerbuilt products are used every day around the globe, on the job, at home and in the garage. DIY’ers and pros alike rely on the precision, strength and dependability Powerbuilt delivers, all at a great value.  

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Trades Pro® Tools & Equipment

Trades Pro® hand tools, power tools and equipment offer dependable quality to get the job done. Each tool meets or exceeds US government standards for durability and performance and offers a factory warranty to ensure your satisfaction.

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Home Organization Products

Allspace home organizing products are created with a simple objective: to make organizing home, office and garage spaces simple, affordable and maybe even a little fun.  Allspace products feature patented technology, quality construction and lasting good looks.

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Kilimanjaro™ and Kiligear™ Outdoor Gear

For the active outdoor and tactical enthusiast and professional seeking high performance and outstanding value from their gear, Kilimanjaro and KiliGear products answer the call with innovative, tough and durable products designed to enhance the enthusiast’s activities, aspirations and lifestyle.

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Vision® and Powerglow™ Lighting Products

LED technology has revolutionized the lighting category. Vision and Powerglow brand products offer patented designs and features combined with cutting edge LED bulb technology.

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Cat Knives and Cargo Management

Cat knives, multi-tools and cargo management products are top quality products with leading-edge technology that meets the highest professional standards. All of our products feature premium materials and construction.

At Alltrade we take great pride and responsibility in maintaining the values, integrity and reputation of the Cat Brand by producing superior products for both professional and home use.

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Vaughan Tools & Equipment

Alltrade partners with Vaughan to offer top quality tools and equipment for professionals, tradesmen and do-it-yourselfers.

Each product is designed and tested to ensure it delivers the quality and performance that the Vaughan brand stands for.

Many products offer exclusive patented designs that deliver real-world results, saving consumers time, money and sweat.

And every Vaughan Gear product is backed by a no-questions-asked repair or replacement policy.

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